Ch Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby Progeny

Tianshan Baby Wave (Annie)
Tianshan Baby Wave (Annie)

Tianshan Baby Wave (Annie)

SPCGB open show 22nd March 2015 - special classes judge
Mr Clive Walker
I had a interesting appointment being given the responsibility of judging the special class in the PM show.
Junior D/B 5 entries
1st Bayliss, Tianshan baby wave (B)12 month red brush coat, a nice quality girl presented in top condition with a lovely dark red harsh jacket, full of quality, good sized feminine head with well set ears, darkest of almond shaped eyes,with adequate padding on the muzzle, dark strong pigment and correct dentition.
Good top line with correct dip and unexaggerated rise over the loin. Well set tail, well proportioned body and depth of chest, straight front with nice rear angulation, good bone and substance leading to tight knuckled feet, stood almost square in shape,
Moved out well with drive, shown to her full potential by her handler.
2nd Tanner's Tianshan tidal wave (B) 12 month fawn horse-coat,litter sister to 1st, slightly smaller in every department to 1st, another nice quality girl presented in very good condition, correct harsh jacket, sweetest of feminine heads, well set ears over dark correct shaped eyes. Good pigment and dentition, gave good top line when stood,that she carried on the move.
Good tail set.
Well proportioned finer body that was correct for size not exaggerated in any way, good straight front with nice rear angulation. Very good tight feet for a horse-coat, Moved out with confidence and good all round balance .
I am sure that these two will swap and change placing,s as they mature. 

Malcolm Has  A new Son In Italy, Gotham, I,m Not For All. Loved & Owned By Stefania Langhi, photos below Gothham 5 months old, already won 2 best puppies, 

Tianshan Tidal Wave at Tanver, loved & owned by Ronnie Tanner ( Sushi) below crufts 2017 

Sushi Qualified  for Crufts 2015 at her first Champ Show

Ronnie Tanner Had a lovely day at Camberley DCS yesterday where Sushi (Tianshan Tidal Wave at Tanver) not only won BNSCU Puppy but took PG2 under judge Krishna Austin. She was the only SP at the show.

Big well done to Sushi & Ronnie for winning Best Puppy At BUBA Champ Show.

we have had a fabulous couple of weeks, after winning BP and BIM at Eastbourne she took BAVNSCUP and PG2 at Camberley, BAVNSCUP and PG1 at Horsham and under breed specialist Danny Hodgkinson the Best Puppy at BUBA Champ Show. Still can't quite believe it !!!

Sushi does it again res Best Bitch & Best Puppy At the LKA Champ show thanks to breed Specialist Sue Butterfield & To Ronnie Tanner for loving this baby so much.

 write up from BUBA Champ show. MPB (6) 1 Tanner’s Tianshan Tidalwave at Tanver, well what a little super star in the making, ultra feminine horse coat who just oozes quality, everything as it should be, nothing seemed to faze her & she was a joy to go over, she surely must have a very bright future, was pleased to award her Best Puppy, well done; A big thank You To Judge Danny Hodgkinson

write up from LAK Champ show Dec14, MPB, 1st Tanner's Tianshan Tidal Wave At Tanver, Stunning horse coat who took my eye as she entered the ring, just a baby but showed so well,her movement is free & easy in all directions, she has the correct topline which she held on the move, correct bite & pigment, good clear eyes, nice length of neck onto excellent shoulder's she was my choice for RBCC BPB & BP. 2nd Tianshan Baby Wave, Dark red brush coat with lots of substance, changing coat but what was there is of correct texture, she has a lot of the virtues of her litter sister who today she had to stand second too. thanks to judge Sue Butterfield


Tianshan Baby Wave (Annie)